Create a new era of informed, motivated voters

43% of young Americans are unsure of Early Voting laws; 41% are unsure of Photo ID laws. We can change that.

When they learn early in life, people are more likely to continue voting as they get older. With the help of educators, community leaders, and students, we’re educating and inspiring 22 million young people to form a new habit: Voting.

22×20 is a groundbreaking national campaign and network of media, cultural and educational partners amplifying and diversifying teen voice, political expression, and media creation in the lead-up to the 2020 election and beyond.

Use the hashtag #22×20 to spread the word!

The 22×20 Approach


10-12 Youth Leaders with stipends will embed the 22×20 campaign locally by being hosted at a campaign partner organization. A regular feed of stories and media from youth leaders.


Pursue local models of how journalism can embed youth voices. Pilot partnerships with education. Connect to local youth leaders and campaign partners.


Curated resource exchange from across network partners for those new to media literacy and creation, youth voting. Support for teacher building and amplifying student voice.

Get Involved

We’ve pulled together resources to help educators and community leaders facilitate discussions about the media and the political future of the U.S.

We invite you to share with us how we can work together to achieve the goals of the 22×20 campaign—in the classroom and beyond.

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Add Your Voice to the 22×20 movement

Get Our FREE Youth Media-Making Toolkit

A first-of-its-kind comprehensive package designed for educators working with young people ages 13-18

The lessons and actions fully connect media-making with our democracy, elections, and voting. The Youth Media-Making Toolkit promotes youth voice, voting, and democratic participation through media creation. Lessons guide teens to plan, make, and share diverse media about voting and civic engagement: short videos, photos, Internet memes, animated GIFs, and persuasive images for social media.

Resources & Sample Classroom Materials

Helmed by The LAMP and CIRCLE, the 22×20 campaign aims to activate and facilitate youth voice and leadership in the democratic process.  Supporting the 22×20 campaign supports a boost in youth voice and engagement in our democracy.

To combat political disengagement among youth and misinformation in the media, we host a variety of events—called action parties—in major metropolitan areas like New York City, Austin, Chicago, and San Francisco.

  • Curriculum Package: To be used in class, while hosting an action party, or as a followup to an action party.
  • From Teaching for Democracy, Lesson Plans that include classroom activities and resources to equip teachers and administrators to talk about elections & voting in a productive way, while providing students with long-term civic engagement tools.
  • The LAMP’s MediaBreaker: To enable youth to make memes and remixes of media coverage or speeches.

This tutorial walks you through the initial process of using MediaBreaker/Studios: signing on, creating an Experience, uploading videos, and inviting students to join.

Popcorn is like an online video player and editor right in your browser, allowing for simple to complex arrangement of clips, mashups and more.

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